World-class FIX platform management and testing

Quickly evaluate the condition of your FIX platform with Testamatiq. Populate Testamatiq with all your FIX sessions and add FIX message definitions, then send messages and see their effects in real-time.

Download Testamatiq now, and contact our sales team for licensing:

MSI (zip file) - Testamatiq (0.1.16080.1)
No installer (zip file) - Testamatiq (0.1.16080.1)


Fast, flexible, high-volume electronic trading across multiple asset classes

Low-latency1 connectivity - information flows between clients and brokers almost instantly

Run on any hardware2 - being built on Java allows flexibility for an ever-changing business environment.

The Vanguard suite comprises:

1Low latency refers to a message being received, processed and delivered to its recipient in under 1 millisecond.

2Hardware must be detailed on the Java compatibility list